Server Rules

Our Discord Server Rules

Rule List

  1. No blank nicknames.
  2. No inappropriate nicknames.
  3. No sexually explicit nicknames.
  4. No offensive nicknames.
  5. No nicknames with unusual or unreadable Unicode.
  6. No blank profile pictures.
  7. No inappropriate profile pictures.
  8. No sexually explicit profile pictures.
  9. No offensive profile pictures.
  10. No membership granted to minors (under 18 years).
  11. Moderators reserve the right to change nicknames.
  12. Moderators reserve the right to use their own discretion regardless of any rule.
  13. No exploiting loopholes in the rules (please report them).
  14. No DMing other members of the server.
  15. Rules apply to DMing other members of the server.
  16. No inviting unofficial bots.
  17. No bugs, exploits, glitches, hacks, etc.
  18. Please refrain from @mentioning the mods for no reason.
  19. No asking to be granted roles/moderator roles.
  20. @mention the moderators or support team for support is fine with due cause.
  21. Contact the moderators under one of the support category channels for support.
  22. No @everyone/@here mentioning without permission.
  23. No sexually explicit or pornographic content.
  24. No NSFW or Illegal content.
  25. No piracy of any kind.
  26. No modding, hacking or homebrew.
  27. No personal attacks or witch hunting.
  28. No sexism, racism or harassment.
  29. No hate speech or offensive language.
  30. No extreme religious or political discussions.
  31. No trolling or spamming.
  32. Conversations in the general channel should be English.
  33. Use off-topic for conversations in any language(s) other then English.
  34. Moderators reserve the right to delete any post.
  35. Moderators reserve the right to edit any post.
  36. No advertisement without permission.
  37. No link ads or linking to other servers.
  38. No Job Ads or Job Seeking in Server. (Use the website)

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